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Previously on the King's English…

If you’re new to the King’s English, welcome!  I just thought I’d draw your attention to a few things to help you into the blog. First of all, I’ve written a little evangelistic booklet which distills the blog into 12 short chapters.  We go from Genesis to Revelation on a whistle-stop bible tour with Jesus […]

New Book and New Video – now in High Definition

For those who read via RSS feed you may be unaware of two new “King’s English” adventures. (See the new home page). We’ve produced a video in which I say 100+ King James phrases to camera (in rhyming couplets of course!)  The new high definition version can be found here.  Feel free to use in […]

From the BBC news magazine…

No other book, or indeed any piece of culture, seems to have influenced the English language as much as the King James Bible. Its turns of phrase have permeated the everyday language of English speakers, whether or not they’ve ever opened a copy. The Sun says Aston Villa “refused to give up the ghost”. Wendy […]

The Story of the King James Bible [Radio 4]

James Naughtie on the Story of the King James Bible Part 1 – The Commission Part 2 – The Translation Part 3 – The Legacy

Impact of KJV according to the BBC's Politics UK

‘Politics UK’ have given over a whole programme to the legacy of the KJV Some assorted quotes: Professor Gordon Campbell: “It’s one of the cultural building blocks of  civilisation in the English speaking world… You cannot hope to understand the English speaking world without reference to the King James Bible.”  Professor Gordon Campbell Baronness (P. […]


Here are some links to other King James stuff to watch, listen and read. It includes this article from the Guardian: “As well as selling an estimated 1bn copies since 1611, the KJB went straight into our literary bloodstream like a lifesaving drug. Whenever we put words into someone’s mouth, or see the writing on […]

Welcome to The King's English

In 2011 there will be many celebrations to mark the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible. This blog is just one attempt to raise awareness about the impact of this translation on the English speaking world.  Throughout 2011 I will blog on a phrase per day that has passed into common parlance: popular phrases […]