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Coming Very Soon – Devotional Paperback

I’ll be self-publishing the King’s English as a daily devotional in four quarterly instalments. Hopefully it will be available very soon on Amazon, STL, and through me.  Just in time for Christmas.  Just in time for all those New Years Bible-reading resolutions! Tell your friends! And thanks so much to James Watts for a great […]

Why do atheists love the King James Bible?

That’s one of the topics for discussion at the Battle of Ideas 2011.  Tomorrow afternoon, 5:30pm at the Royal College of Art. Elizabeth Hunter the director of Theos, a public theology think-tank will be the Christian voice on a panel including Andrew Copson, Chief Executive of the British Humanist Association. Find out more here. including a […]

Another little King James Video

Just discovered this here.

An evangelistic talk on the KJV

An after-dinner talk on the KJV.  I speak about the impact of the KJV on language, on culture and then speak of the true King of the King James Bible.  Everyone left with my book at the end.  (If you want me to do something similar at your church, let me know). Here’s the Powerpoint. And here’s the […]

Today we remember the martyrdom of William Tyndale

In the 16th century, nowhere was as dangerous for a would-be Bible translator as England.  In 1517 (the year of Luther’s 95 theses), seven parents were burnt at the stake for teaching their children the Lord’s Prayer in English. Back in 1215AD, the Fourth Lateran Council declared: “The secret mysteries of the faith ought not […]

King's English – the poem

108 Biblical Phrases with references.  (Video here). God forbid the powers that be Forgetting the begetting of the KJV It’s put words in our mouth for 400 years, Turned the world upside down , so here’s my three cheers. As a sign of the times , I’ll sing its praises, Shout from the rooftops one […]

I've been to the mountaintop

Speaking of Moses going up Mount Pisgah… Fifty years ago, this biblical allusion was used in the most dramatic way imaginable:

Impact of KJV according to the BBC's Politics UK

‘Politics UK’ have given over a whole programme to the legacy of the KJV Some assorted quotes: Professor Gordon Campbell: “It’s one of the cultural building blocks of  civilisation in the English speaking world… You cannot hope to understand the English speaking world without reference to the King James Bible.”  Professor Gordon Campbell Baronness (P. […]

'Don't let religion hijack the bible'

As well as commenting on 365 phrases from the KJV, I’ll occasionally offer a comment on the reception of the bible in our culture. . In this video, Richard Dawkins makes the case for being steeped ‘to some extent’ in the King James Bible. He claims that a person ignorant of the Authorized Version is […]