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February 2012

I am a Jealous God

Exodus 20:4-6; 2 Corinthians 11:1-3 It’s right there in the midst of the ten words from Mount Sinai: “I the LORD thy God am a jealous God”  (Exodus 20:5) What a horrible idea, we might think, a jealous God!?  What kind of a God gets jealous? Well Mount Sinai is no unguarded moment of candour.  The […]

Graven images

Exodus 20:1-3; Jeremiah 2:9-13 Where do we look for strength, for comfort, for help, for love, acceptance and joy?  Where do we look for life? According to the Bible, the answer is: “all the wrong places!” We are inveterate idolaters.  We are always setting our hearts on idols: on things that are not God.  The human […]

Thou Shalt

Exodus 20:1-3, 18-22 No-one likes the phrase “laying down the law.”  But that’s what the unseen LORD does on mount Sinai. As we saw yesterday, God the Son has brought the people to God the Father.  And now they learn some house rules. The order is important.  They’re not told in Egypt “If you obey my commands I […]

On Eagle's Wings

Do you need a priest to bring you to God? The Bible answers yes.  But perhaps not the priest you were thinking of. Back in Exodus 3 Moses is at the burning bush and the One in the bush promises to save the people: “Certainly I will be with thee; and this shall be a […]

Bread of Heaven

“I never knew Christ was all I needed until Christ was all I had.” It’s the statement of an African Bishop but for Christians the world over it rings true. It’s the very essence of what God was teaching the Israelites in the wilderness.  And it’s exactly what Christians are being taught in our own […]


Exodus 16:1-18 When we hear of “fleshpots” we’ll likely think of sexual temptation.  As in… —  “he had lived the life of a roué in the fleshpots of London and Paris.” But in their original, biblical context, “fleshpots” are literally cauldrons of meat.  They are a temptation, but there’s nothing sexual about them. Here’s their mention […]

Red Sea

Exodus 14:1-31 When introducing people to the cross of Jesus it’s very common to hear this objection: “Hang on!  If you’re saved from judgement by Jesus’ sacrifice, won’t you just keep on wallowing in sin?  Doesn’t the cross mean that Christians will be complacent about sin and go on indulging in it?” Actually the opposite […]


Exodus 12:1-30 John the Baptist was a wild and holy prophet whose whole mission in life was to prepare the way for the LORD Jesus.  And when his big moment came to announce Christ onto the world stage, what did John say? “Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world.” […]

Hard hearted

Exodus 10:1-29 Hard´-heart`ed    (~härt`ĕd) a. 1. Unsympathetic; inexorable; cruel; pitiless. The wisdom of Solomon gave us this proverb: Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.  (Proverbs 4:23) Our lives are governed by our hearts.  What we love determines who we are. Philosophers might define a human being […]

Why do I blog?

I was recently put that question by John Brand at Cutting it Straight.  He said some very nice things about this blog and asked me the following: 1. How did you get into blogging? 2. Why do you blog? What is, if you like your ‘Mission Statement’ as a blogger? 3. What do you see as the […]