Previously on the King's English…

If you’re new to the King’s English, welcome!  I just thought I’d draw your attention to a few things to help you into the blog.

First of all, I’ve written a little evangelistic booklet which distills the blog into 12 short chapters.  We go from Genesis to Revelation on a whistle-stop bible tour with Jesus at the centre.  It’s a book to enjoy and pass on to a friend.

Find out more here.

Read online here.

Secondly, I’ve blogged 126 phrases from the KJB so far.  Here are some highlights if you’d like to catch up:

In the beginning


East of Eden


Burning bush


Face to face

God bless

David and Goliath

Miserable comforters

You will notice that Jesus is very much front-and-centre of these expositions.  I “show my working” and discuss Christ in the Old Testament issues much more on my personal blog.  But here I try to keep it devotional.  Enjoy.  And subscribe here.

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