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December 2010


Here are some links to other King James stuff to watch, listen and read. It includes this article from the Guardian: “As well as selling an estimated 1bn copies since 1611, the KJB went straight into our literary bloodstream like a lifesaving drug. Whenever we put words into someone’s mouth, or see the writing on […]

'Don't let religion hijack the bible'

As well as commenting on 365 phrases from the KJV, I’ll occasionally offer a comment on the reception of the bible in our culture. . In this video, Richard Dawkins makes the case for being steeped ‘to some extent’ in the King James Bible. He claims that a person ignorant of the Authorized Version is […]

Welcome to The King's English

In 2011 there will be many celebrations to mark the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible. This blog is just one attempt to raise awareness about the impact of this translation on the English speaking world.  Throughout 2011 I will blog on a phrase per day that has passed into common parlance: popular phrases […]