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Kindle will be another 24 hours

Unfortunately Amazon are holding up the publishing of “July-September” as a Kindle.  It will be another day I think. You can order a paper copy through Lulu here.

Buy King's English: July-September on Lulu

The next quarter of the King’s English is available on Lulu.  Order before this Friday and receive an extra 20% off (get the code from Lulu’s homepage). Very soon it will also be available on Kindle.  Stay tuned.

Latest Devotional Available Soon

The third quarter of the devotional will be available for purchase on Lulu and Kindle very soon. See January – March April – June .

"April – June" Now Published on Lulu and for Kindle

The next instalment is now available… The King’s English continues its journey through the Bible. In this quarter we travel from 1 Samuel right up to the opening of the Gospels. Purchase the book from Lulu or download the Kindle for a daily dose of the glory of Christ. Kindle from Amazon.com ($2.99) Kindle from Amazon.co.uk […]

Latest Devotional (April – June) Out Soon

I’m hoping to publish the next quarter of The King’s English on Lulu by Thursday. Stay tuned…

Why do I blog?

I was recently put that question by John Brand at Cutting it Straight.  He said some very nice things about this blog and asked me the following: 1. How did you get into blogging? 2. Why do you blog? What is, if you like your ‘Mission Statement’ as a blogger? 3. What do you see as the […]

30% off the King's English

Until January 31st, this code will get you 30% off the King’s English: SHELFSTOCKER305.

Fresh Stocks of the King's English Devotional

Perhaps I should have done this from the outset but… The King’s English is now on Lulu.  So it will never sell out. Not sure how much they’ll charge you for shipping from overseas (perhaps you could tell me in the comments), but I hope it’s not too expensive. Enjoy!

355 aint bad

Dear King’s English readers, Thanks so much for joining me this year.  I started 2011 with about 50 of you and have finished with a thousand logging on each day.  I haven’t really made a song and dance about the blog, it’s just been a little devotional for myself more than anything else.  But I’m […]

A Christmas Video for you

Consider this a first draft.  Done hurriedly today.  To be remade properly for next year!