355 aint bad

Dear King’s English readers,

Thanks so much for joining me this year.  I started 2011 with about 50 of you and have finished with a thousand logging on each day.  I haven’t really made a song and dance about the blog, it’s just been a little devotional for myself more than anything else.  But I’m very happy if others have enjoyed it.

At times the phrase “millstone around my neck” has seemed appropriate.  But mostly it’s been a “labour of love” and I’m glad I’ve done it.

I’ve covered 355 phrases so far and I hope to post at least one more before January 1st – a little “Alleluia” of a farewell.  If you want the full 365, you’ll have to wait until I publish the devotionals, but I just wanted to say thank you for reading.  Please keep on subscribing in 2012 and tell your friends about it because I’ll repost the old ones throughout the year.

And do come over to say hello on my regular blog: Christ the Truth.  You’re all very welcome.

Every blessing in Jesus,


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