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David and Goliath

Any time a little guy takes on a big corporation it’s called ‘a David and Goliath story.’ Any time a 2nd division football club beats a Premiere League team it’s called ‘Giant Killing.’ Everyone thinks they know what David and Goliath is about. It’s about the underdog gritting their teeth and pulling off a surprising […]


Yesterday we saw the way God had opened up for the people to cross the Jordan river.  In a Red-Sea-like miracle, the new Israel “passed over” with Joshua (meaning “Jesus”) at their head.  This event proclaimed the way sinners can enter God’s rest.  Only through His initiative, only through a Passover-like salvation, only with Jesus […]


“Describe yourself” says the interviewer with a glint in their eyes. Yikes.  You really want the job.  How to sound humble but also omni-competent?  What to reveal about myself? Probably the less the better. “Why is he asking?” you wonder.  Doesn’t my track record speak for itself?  Won’t he see pretty quickly who I really […]

Golden Calf

How long does it take a nation to fall away from its spiritual heritage? Well in Exodus 32 it’s been 50 days since the Israelites had arrived at the foot of Mount Sinai.  They had been redeemed from slavery, brought through the Red Sea and carried by the Angel of God on eagle’s wings. He […]

Eye for eye, tooth for tooth

“An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind” said Gandhi. Not quite.  “Two eyes for an eye” might do it.  Or “an eye for an eye for an eye” might.  But “an eye for an eye” was an upper limit of retribution set down in law explicitly forbidding the escalation of violence. […]