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The LORD gave and the LORD hath taken away

Job is a very old book.  Many scholars think Job would have been a rough contemporary of Abraham.  That’s almost 2000 years before Jesus took flesh.  It might well have been the first biblical book to be written down.  Yet it appears fairly much in the middle of our bibles.  This is because of the […]

Ye must be born again

Apologies for this one – out of order!  No time to write something new today.  So here’s one I prepared earlier…. As they all gather around the newborn, they coo and smile and remark “What a gorgeous little nose!”  “What soft skin!”  “Isn’t she perfect!?”  Then uncle Alan butts in.  With a frown and a […]

Carried away

When we get “carried away” it’s not so serious.  Perhaps we’re a little overcome by a bout of silliness.  Or we lose track of the time in conversation.  Or we go a bit far as we rant about some pet topic. But getting “carried away” in the bible was very serious.  The phrase is used […]

Put your house in order

The beginning of Solomon’s reign was far more illustrious than its end.  As with David his father, his downfall was a matter of the heart.  He should have been a man after the LORD’s heart.  And as christ he should surely have demonstrated faithful love for his bride, “But king Solomon loved many strange women”  […]

The Queen of Sheba

We love to tell jokes about stupid politicians.  Try this one on for size: The President’s aide briefs him about international affairs: “‘Yesterday, 3 Brazilian soldiers were killed.” “Please no!  How terrible!” exclaims the President, aghast.  His staff are amazed at such emotion.  He continues: “Tell me again, how many is a brazillion?” You might […]

The Wisdom of Solomon

“Cor,” they might say in some regional accent or other, “It would take the wisdom of Solomon to sort that lot out!” Solomon was the son of David and as such there must have been high hopes for him.  It was prophesied that the seed of David would build the house of God and sit […]

The way of all the earth

Call it entropy, call it decay, call it “the ravages of time” or “sands through the hour glass” – “the way of all the earth” is not upward! We are perishing.  That’s the bible word – repeated over a hundred times in the King James Bible.  Like milk on a hot day.  Like the rubber […]

David and Bathsheba

“Your faith was strong, but you needed proof, You saw her bathing on the roof Her beauty and the moonlight over-threw you.” (Leonard Cohen, Hallelujah) David was famously a man after the LORD’s heart.  He was the second King, succeeding where Israel’s first King, Saul, had failed.  He was messiah – christ – an anointed king. […]

David and Goliath

Any time a little guy takes on a big corporation it’s called ‘a David and Goliath story.’ Any time a 2nd division football club beats a Premiere League team it’s called ‘Giant Killing.’ Everyone thinks they know what David and Goliath is about. It’s about the underdog gritting their teeth and pulling off a surprising […]

A man after his own heart

“You’re a man after my own heart” says one country music fan to another. “You’re a woman after my own heart” says the man to his new girlfriend as she serves him his favourite dessert. These are common ways that we use the phrase today.  But they are subtly different from each other.  In the […]