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October 2012

Out of the mouths of babes

Psalm 8; Matthew 21:1-17 We might think of today’s phrase as an ancient equivalent of “Kids say the darnedest things.”  But Jesus was making a deeper point.  He wasn’t just pointing us to children.  He was encouraging us to child-like-ness.  It is not only infants, but more generally the simple trusters in Jesus whose surprising wisdom […]

The King's English: October – December

I’ve completed the fourth and final instalment  of The King’s English.  The text is all there, but we won’t have a proper cover for another week I’m afraid. If you would like to order October – December now then you can do so from Lulu. Please understand, though, that the cover will be incomplete (as […]

The King's English: October-December Kindle

You can now purchase The King’s English: October-December on Kindle. From amazon.com $3.09 From amazon.co.uk £1.91 Sorry for the delay.  We’re working on the paper version which will be available any day now. You can purchase Kindle and Paper versions of all previous quarters here.

Den of thieves

Matthew 21:12-17 Perhaps this question seems to belong to another age, but it’s very worth asking: Where can sinners take shelter from the wrath of God? It might sound old fashioned and out of touch with today’s world.  But if so, perhaps it’s we who are out of touch with reality.  The word of God […]