"The King's English" Tract

I have found this tract useful in open air outreach.  It explains the impact of the Bible on our language and our culture.  It then goes on to outline the gospel and offer the booklet for free.

It has been used effectively in open air evangelism.  I hand them out saying “World’s all-time best seller, have you read it?”

If you would like to print your own, here is the PDF file.

If you want to change the last page to print your own details, here is the Microsoft Publisher File

The text is below…

Putting words in our mouth

Have you ever “made a peace offering”? Or found a “scapegoat”? Ever been at your “wits’ end”? Or “given up the ghost”? Then the Bible has been “putting words in your mouth”!

This year is the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible. It’s the most widely read translation of the world’s all-time best-seller. It’s given us hundreds of words and phrases—shaping the English language more than Shakespeare or any other source.

Turning the world upside down

But it’s not just language. The Bible has shaped our culture. From scientific enquiry to the abolition of slavery; from literature and art to the flourishing of economics; from schools and hospitals to the emergence of modern democracy; the Bible has inspired western civilisation. Our world would be unrecognisable without this book.

And yet there is widespread ignorance about the Bible. Most people consider it a dusty rule-book or an ancient history. What is the Bible all about?

In the beginning…

The Bible begins with a loving God who made all things through His Word—Jesus Christ. He put humankind at the pinnacle of His creation. We were meant to live in loving harmony with God, with each other, and with the world. It started out as paradise. But soon paradise was lost…

How the Mighty are Fallen…

The first humans—Adam and Eve—mistrusted God and wanted to go it alone. When they broke fellowship with God, the whole world was broken. Yet right from the beginning there was a promise…

The Messiah

The Old Testament—the part of the Bible written BC—spoke of Jesus. God’s Son would come as “Messiah”— meaning God’s King, full of the Holy Spirit. He would take our sins and suffering on Himself and die as our sacrificial “scapegoat.” Then He would rise again to lead us back into perfect relationship with God. The Bible has always directed our hope to Jesus—the Saviour of the world.

The Good Samaritan

When Jesus came in the flesh He was the Ultimate Good Samaritan. The first four books of the New Testament—the Gospels—tell the story. He saw us dying under the weight of sin and He took it all on Himself. When He “gave up the ghost” on the cross, He made the perfect “peace offering.” And He did it for you!

The rest of the Bible tells how Jesus rose from the dead to immortal, bodily life. Today, He offers this life to us spiritually. If we come to Jesus we have the gift of His Spirit, complete forgiveness, an eternal friendship with God. And when He returns to put the world to rights we will share His physical life too, forevermore.

The Truth shall set you free

If you want to know the real power of the Bible, pick it up for yourself. As you read, ask God to show you Jesus—He is the true King of the King James Bible.

Write to receive a free Gospel of John in modern language along with a free booklet called “The King’s English”. It will guide you through the Bible, showing how Jesus makes sense of it all.

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