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February 2011

Let my people go

Moses was 80 and his brother Aaron was 83 when they confronted Pharaoh.  They went as a double-act – Moses putting words in Aaron’s mouth. Their message has become famous Thus saith the LORD God of Israel, Let my people go,  (Exodus 5:1) A chapter previously the LORD put it slightly differently: Israel is my […]

Putting words in his mouth

If you accuse me of putting words in your mouth you’re probably complaining that I’m misrepresenting your views.  Perhaps I have elaborated on your statement in a way you never intended.  “Stop putting words in my mouth,” you’ll say. But the biblical origin of the phrase is a little different. In the bible, Moses is […]

A land flowing with milk and honey

Egypt was not a bad land.  In fact it was a very good land.  Genesis 13:10 describes it as “like the garden of the LORD”!  And under the wise and righteous rule of Joseph it had flourished with the Israelites enjoying “the fat of the land.” But since Joseph had been forgotten (Exodus 1:8) it […]


I wonder whether Reebok and their celebrity endorsers even knew they were ‘taking the LORD’s name in vain’? But then again the font they use is rather biblical in appearance don’t you think?  And anyone who says “I am what I am” must be aware of what a divine pronouncement they’ve uttered.  They are giving […]

Burning Bush

Usually when we talk of a “burning bush experience” we mean a divine encounter of grand proportions.  A happening so earth-shattering it awakens you to spiritual realities. Yet, when you think about it, a burning bush isn’t the most arresting vision conceivable.  In fact for the director of Exodus the Movie, the special effects required […]

A stranger in a strange land

Exhausted, the freedom fighter slumped by a well.  He had chanced his arm and initiated a violent coup but the wheels had fallen off.  Now he’s a failed revolutionary without a friend in the world.  A week earlier he had been a prince in the most powerful court on earth.  Now, aged 40, he’s Egypt’s […]

Fat of the land

In English we say “the cream of the crop”.  In Hebrew they would say “the fat of the land” (Genesis 44:18).  Not that the ground is particularly oily (they’d also talk about “the fat of the wheat”; Psalm 81:16).  The fat is the best portion. And this is what Pharaoh offers to Joseph’s brothers: “Pharaoh […]

Coat of many colours

It has all the ingredients for a West End hit.  Jealousy, family intrigue, struggle through adversity then vindication and reconciliation.  It’s a story that speaks to all.  Because it’s a story based on the original story – the true myth.  Joseph’s story is Jesus’ story told in advance. Joseph was one of the twelve sons […]

A Test of Faith

What is the bible? Sometimes Christians are the worst at answering that question.  Many will reply: “The Maker’s Instruction Manual.”  Or “God’s Road Map.”  Most often religious folk will see it as, essentially, a moral guidebook for right living.  But if ever there was a story to explode that misconception it’s this one.  Abraham is […]

Fire and Brimstone

These days the phrase “fire and brimstone” is more associated with a style of preaching than with the reality they preach.  “Fire and brimstone” preaching is what our culture fears.  Rarely does it occur to someone to fear fire and brimstone itself. “Fire and brimstone” continually describes the judgement of God in the bible (see […]