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The LORD gave and the LORD hath taken away

Job is a very old book.  Many scholars think Job would have been a rough contemporary of Abraham.  That’s almost 2000 years before Jesus took flesh.  It might well have been the first biblical book to be written down.  Yet it appears fairly much in the middle of our bibles.  This is because of the […]

Man does not live by bread only

At the end of the 40 years of wilderness wandering the people come to the brink of the promised land.  This is the setting for the book of Deuteronomy.  Moses will not be going with the people into the land of milk and honey.  He is the leader of the old Israel and the bringer […]

Manna – the Bread of Heaven

“I never knew Christ was all I needed until Christ was all I had.” I heard this saying from an African Bishop recently.  But Christians the world over can attest to the truth of it. It’s the very essence of what God was teaching the Israelites in the wilderness.  And it’s exactly what Christians are […]

Burning Bush

Usually when we talk of a “burning bush experience” we mean a divine encounter of grand proportions.  A happening so earth-shattering it awakens you to spiritual realities. Yet, when you think about it, a burning bush isn’t the most arresting vision conceivable.  In fact for the director of Exodus the Movie, the special effects required […]