Every Phrase In One Calendar



1.  In the beginning

2.  Let there be light

3.  Let us make man in our own image 

4.  Be fruitful and multiply 

5.  And Behold, it was very good 

6.  God rested 

7.  The breath of life 

8.  The Garden of Eden 

9.  Adam 

10. Spare Rib –

11. Bone of my bones 

12. To leave and cleave 

13. One flesh 

14. Naked and not ashamed 

15. Forbidden fruit 

16. Pride goeth before a fall 

17. Fig leaves 

18. Dust to Dust

19. The sweat of your brow 

20. Eve 

21. East of Eden 

22. Cherubim 

23. How are the mighty fallen 

24. Knowing… in the biblical sense 

25. Am I my brother’s keeper? 

26. The Land of Nod 

27. Begat 

28. Methuselah 

29. Noah 

30. Two by Two 

31. Forty days and forty nights 

1.  Olive branch 

2.  Rainbow 

3.  Tower of Babel 

4.  Abraham 

5.  Fear not 

6.  Covenant

7.  Circumcision 

8.  Sodom and Gomorrah 

9.  Fire and brimstone 

10. Test of faith 

11. Coat of many colours 

12. The fat of the land 

13. A stranger in a strange land 

14. Burning bush 

15. I AM WHO I AM 

16. A land flowing with milk and honey 

17. Putting words in his mouth 

18. Let my people go 

19. Taskmasters 

20. Plagues (of biblical proportions) 

21. Hard hearted 

22. Passover 

23. Red sea 

24. Fleshpots 

25. Bread of heaven (Manna) 

26. On eagle’s wings 

27. Thou shalt 

28. Graven images 

29. I am a jealous God 



1.  Taking the LORD’s name in vain 

2.  Remember the Sabbath day 

3.  Honour thy father and thy mother 

4.  Thou shalt not covet 

5.  Eye for eye, tooth for tooth 

6.  Golden Calf 

7.  Stiffnecked 

8.  Face to face 

9.  Longsuffering 

10. High Priest 

11. Atonement 

12. Peace offering 

13. Unclean, unclean 

14. Scapegoat 

15. Love thy neighbour 

16. God bless

17. Spy out the land 

18. Wilderness wanderings 

19. Brazen serpent 

20. Balaam’s Ass 

21. Fell flat on his face 

22. What hath God wrought 

23. Thou shalt love the LORD thy God 

24. Man does not live by bread alone 

25. The apple of his eye 

26. Kiss of death 

27. Our hearts did melt 

28. Jordan 

29. Shibboleth 

30. Samson and Delilah 

31. Doing what is right in your own eyes 

1.  Shelter under his wings 

2.  Messiah 

3.  God save the king 

4.  A man after his own heart 

5.  David and Goliath 

6.  David and Bathsheba 

7.  The way of all the earth 

8.  Wisdom of Solomon 

9.  The Queen of Sheba 

10. Put your house in order 

11. Carried away 

12. The LORD giveth…  

13. Miserable comforters 

14. Man is born to trouble…

15. By the skin of my teeth 

16. I know that my Redeemer liveth 

17. Gird up thy loins 

18. I repent in dust and ashes 

19. Old and full of days 

20. Blessed 

21. The heavens declare the glory of God 

22. My God, My God… 

23. Laughed to scorn 

24. The LORD is my Shepherd 

25. The valley of the shadow 

26. My cup runneth over 

27. The ends of the earth

28. Bite the dust 

29. Strength to strength 

30. Three score year and ten 



1.  As the flower flourisheth…

2.  At their wits’ end 

3.  They that sow in tears shall reap in joy

4.  Praise the LORD 

5.  The words of the wise 

6.  Trust in the LORD with all thine heart 

7.  Spare the rod and spoil the child 

8.  Soft answer turns away wrath 

9.  Vanity of vanities, all is vanity 

10.  There is nothing new under the sun 

11. To everything there is a season… 

12. Eat, drink and be merry 

13. Two are better than one

14. A fly in the ointment 

15. A little bird told me 

16. Cast thy bread upon the waters 

17. Of making many books there is no end 

18. My beloved is mine and I am his 

19. White as snow 

20. It shall come to pass 

21. Swords into ploughshares 

22. Woe is me 

23. Immanuel 

24. Unto us a child is born 

25. The lion shall lie down with the lamb 

26. Take root 

27. A drop in the bucket 

28. They shall mount up with wings as eagles 

29. Seeing eye to eye 

30. Led like a lamb to the slaughter 

31. Rise and shine 

1.  Bind up the broken-hearted 

2.  No rest for the wicked 

3.  Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard 

4.  Holier than thou 

5.  A new heavens and a new earth 

6.  Be horribly afraid 

7.  Can a leopard change its spots? 

8.  Great is thy faithfulness 

9.  Sour grapes 

10. Thus saith the LORD 

11. Feet of clay 

12. The writing is on the wall 

13. Daniel in the lion’s den 

14. For ever and ever 

15. Play the harlot 

16. Reap the whirlwind 

17. Jonah and the whale 

18. Sackcloth and ashes 

19. From of old, from everlasting

20. The desire of all nations 

21. Prisoners of hope 

22. In the beginning was the Word 

23. The Word was made flesh 

24. Shining light 

25. Behold the Lamb of God

26. Turning water into wine 

27. Baptism of fire 

28. The heavens opened 

29. It is written 

30. Fishers of men 



1.  Physician heal thyself 

2.  Verily, verily I say unto thee 

3.  Ye must be born again 

4.  Blessed are the poor in spirit 

5.  Blessed are they that mourn 

6.  Blessed are the meek

7.  Blessed are those who hunger and thirst…

8.  Blessed are the merciful

9.  Blessed are the pure in heart 

10. Blessed are the peacemakers 

11. Blessed are they which are persecuted 

12. The salt of the earth 

13.Ye are the light of the world 

14. Hiding your light under a bushel 

15. Every jot and tittle 

16. Hell fire 

17. Turn the other cheek 

18. Going the extra mile 

19. Love your enemies 

20. Let not thy left hand know…

21. Our Father which art in heaven 

22. Hallowed be thy name 

23. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done…

24. Give us this day our daily bread 

25. Forgive us our debts…

26. Lead us not into temptation…

27. For thine is the kingdom… 

28. Where your treasure is…

29. Ye cannot serve God and mammon 

30. Take no thought 

31. Consider the lilies 

1.  Seek ye first the kingdom of God 

2.  Judge not, that ye be not judged 

3.  The mote and the beam 

4.  Pearls before swine 

5.  Seek and ye shall find 

6.  Do unto others…

7.  Strait and narrow 

8.  Wolf in sheep’s clothing 

9.  By their fruits ye shall know them 

10. Building on sand 

11. Outer darkness 

12. Weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth 

13. God so loved the world … 

14. …that whosoever believeth in him… 

15. O ye of little faith 

16. Be of good cheer 

17. The whole need not a physician… 

18. Wise as serpents, harmless as doves 

19. I send you forth as lambs among wolves 

20. He that findeth his life shall lose it 

21. The hairs of your head are numbered 

22. Shout it from the rooftops 

23. The friend of sinners 

24. My name is Legion, for we are many 

25. Good Samaritan 

26. Come unto me, all ye that labour…

27. He that hath ears to hear, let him hear 

28. Fell by the way side 

29. Pearl of great price 

30. The head of John the Baptist 

31. The crumbs under thy table 



1.  A man’s life does not consist… 

2.  Highways and hedges 

3.  Cross to bear 

4.  Lost sheep 

5.  Prodigal son 

6.  The far country 

7.  Safe and sound 

8.  Fatted calf 

9.  He was lost and is found 

10. Dives and Lazarus 

11.  Feeding the Five Thousand 

12.  I am the Bread of Life

13. The keys of the kingdom 

14. Get thee behind me Satan 

15. What is a man profited… 

16. Transfigured 

17. Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief 

18. He that is without sin cast the first stone 

19. I am the Light of the world

20. The truth shall make you free 

21. I am the Good Shepherd 

22. What God hath joined together… 

23. Suffer the little children…

24. Camel through the eye of a needle 

25. Regeneration 

26. Jesus wept 

27. A millstone about his neck 

28. The last shall be first and the first last 

29. Many are called, few are chosen 

30. Thy King cometh unto thee, meek…

1.  Den of thieves 

2.  Out of the mouths of babes 

3.  Render unto Caesar… 

4.  They do not practise what they preach 

5.  The blind leading the blind 

6.  Strain at a gnat and swallow a camel 

7.  Whited sepulchres 

8.  I would have gathered thy children…

9.  Wars and rumours of wars 

10. Signs of the times 

11. Talents 

12. Well done, good and faithful servant 

13. Sheep and goats 

14. Foot washing 

15. In my Father’s house are many mansions 

16. I am the way, the truth and the life 

17. I am the Vine, ye are the branches 

18. Greater love hath no man than this 

19. Jesus took bread and blessed it

20. This is my body and This is my blood 

21. Abba, Father 

22. Let this cup pass from me 

23. The spirit is willing, the flesh is weak 

24. Betrayed with a kiss 

25. Thirty pieces of silver 

26. My kingdom is not of this world 

27. Crucify him, crucify him 

28. Pilate washed his hands 

29. Crown of thorns 

30. Hail King of the Jews 

31. Father, forgive them…



1.  Gave up the ghost

2.  It is finished 

3.  He is not here, he is risen 

4.  Doubting Thomas 

5.  In the name of the Father…

6.  The fruit of his loins 

7.  Cut to the heart

8.  Damascus Road Experience 

9.  Turned the world upside down 

10.  In him we live and move and have our being 

11.  It is more blessed to give than receive 

12.  Saints 

13. A law unto themselves 

14. Hope against hope 

15. God forbid 

16. The wages of sin is death 

17. Vengeance is mine 

18. O wretched man that I am! 

19. The powers that be 

20. Stumbling block 

21. The time is short 

22. All things to all men 

23. Faith that can move mountains 

24. Beareth all things, believeth all things…

25. Now we see through a glass darkly 

26. Faith, hope and love 

27. In the twinkling of an eye 

28. O death where is thy sting 

29. Letter of the law 

30. Suffer fools gladly 

1.  A thorn in my flesh 

2.  Anathema 

3.  A man reaps what he sows 

4.  The unsearchable riches of Christ 

5.  Let not the sun go down on your wrath 

6.  Likeminded 

7.  Passeth all understanding 

8.  Bowels of mercies 

9.  Labour of love 

10. Filthy lucre 

11. Money is the root of all evil 

12. Itching ears 

13. Fight the good fight 

14. Finish the course 

15. Keep the faith 

16. Twoedged sword 

17. Once and for all 

18. This is “the life” 

19. Thou shalt call his name JESUS

20. Hail, thou that art highly favoured

21. My soul doth magnify the Lord

22. She wrapped him in swaddling clothes…

23. And there shepherds abiding in the field…

24. Mine eyes have seen thy salvation

25. Behold there came wise men from the east

26. Gold and frankincense and myrrh

27. Dearly beloved

28. God is love

29. Alpha and Omega

30. Bottomless pit and Armageddon 

31. Alleluia 

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