About The King’s English

In 2011 there were many celebrations to mark the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible.

This blog was just one attempt to raise awareness about the impact of this translation on the English speaking world.  Throughout 2011 I blogged on a phrase each day that has passed into common parlance: popular phrases like “labour of love”, “beast of burden”, “wits’ end” and “scapegoat”; but also phrases that should be more popular, like “filthy lucre” and “gird up thy loins”.

Here’s an approximate list of the phrases I covered.  I am reposting each entry throughout 2012.

Others are much better placed to tell you the history of the translation (see these videos for instance).  And others can tell you about the modern usage and adaptation of these phrases (see for example Begat by David Crystal).

I’m just a church minister who wants to give some insights into their biblical origins and, along the way, to give a thumbnail sketch of the bible’s story.

This is a blog for people of all beliefs and I’ll try to keep things as jargon-free as possible.  I hope that whether you are a Christian or not you will understand more about the English we speak, and about the King who has shaped it.

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